Ana Tashkov
UX Designer


Über Ana Tashkov

I am a UX Designer passionate about transforming people’s problems into solutions by creating end-to-end, user-centered product designs.

My background includes product design, education and management

As a naturally insightful and passionate problem solver, I have always been working on detecting people’s needs and problems, thus providing individual and situation-driven but sustainable solutions. I have experience in delivering end-to-end product designs grown on a curious observation, loyal to the original users’ pains.

Thorough research, co-creation approach, structured ideation and high-class prototyping are some of the skills that I bring to the table.

As a tech-savvy creative, I worked in a variety of designing software and have a grasp of the general design workflow.

I am proficient in working within Adobe Creative Suite (Xd, Ps, Id, Ai) and Figma, however, I easily adapt to different software that complements any given project and working ecosystem.

Eager to make every-day-life easier, I always look forward to creating functional and purposeful designs within a team of creative problem solvers!

Feel free to reach out for job opportunities in Berlin, Germany (including freelance and remote).


UX Designer
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