Anna Fleischhauer
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Über Anna Fleischhauer

Anna Fleischhauer is an illustrator and designer from Berlin.
First, she completed a drama study and appeared after this in various comedy open stages with her political and social criticism program, worked for a Berlin radio station comedy production and dipped a toe in the water of editorial work and journalism at another radio station, till she finally discovered her passion for visual communication.
She completed her illustration and design studies at the AID Berlin in 2016, and since then she has worked as a freelancer in this area till now.

The primary focus of her work is the critical observation on world events, politics, the media, and society as well as the imparting of complicated thematic areas, educational and knowledge topics in a merely accessible way for young and old.

At present, she is mainly in Kosovo, where she is working on her new project.


Illustration Designer
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