Billy Clark
Creative Producer in TV and Internet Video


Über Billy Clark

Development and Production of global TV and online video marketing material with large media investment.

Following the successful development and launch of the Trivago Guy spokesperson concept, special focus markets have been USA, UK, Japan, France, Australia and the Middle East, although I have produced a variety of material for most global regions. Showreel available on request.

Involved in all steps of media production from idea conception through to first broadcast.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Developing and testing new commercial ideas from scratch through script and screen writing, layout filming and directing creative talents such as storyboard artists and animators
  • Briefing and directing casting sessions (Hollywood, Manhattan, London, Berlin, Paris) and assessing talents
  • Localisation of marketing approach to specific countries/regions
  • Budget management, negotiation and development of talent contracts
  • Seeking out and managing new creative talent from actors and directors to musicians, voice artists, photographers, illustrators etc
  • Building and managing relationships with production, casting and service companies as well as post-houses and freelancers
  • Assembling and leading teams to plan and execute large scale productions globally
  • Management of live shoots both studio based and on location
  • Direction of editing and managing the complete post-production process through motion graphics and design to final music, SFX and voice mixing
  • Recruitment of new team members


Creative Producer in TV and Internet Video
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