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Über Christopher Hanson

Hello, I’m Chris. I grew up in the sprawling outer suburban tract housing of Los Angeles and now find myself settled among the towering Plattenbau of Berlin. I’m a 3D designer with a background in graphic design with a passion for new challenges and learning new things.

When starting a new project, my end goal is to create an aesthetically interesting environment, that reveals objects as design, intersecting in a composed 3D space. The design outcome may be something that colorfully fetishizes hundreds of randomized simple shapes or a secretive glimpse into a micro-environment revealing some hidden futuristic relic.

The software I use, is of course, very important in taking me from the initial concept, to the final render. Getting there requires a designer to understand how to work quickly and proficiently without sacrificing the design. This may require a understanding of various software and knowing when to apply the different available tools to reach the perfect outcome.

Currently I’m working with a variety of software like Houdini, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, Substance Designer and third party renderers Octane and Redshift.

I’ve worked with many agencies worldwide.


Professional 3D Motion Designer Berlin
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