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Artist Management


Über collectiveinterest artist management

collectiveinterest is an Artist Management + Production Company
based in Berlin. We create timeless Imagery
that represents the New Generation Style.

With over 10 years of experience being on both

  • the CLIENTS and the ARTISTS side -

we are able to offer the most efficient consulting to both parties.

Being a Boutique Agency, we dedicated ourselves to
really get to know the Characters behind the Creation.
This gives us the Power to not only select the right ARTIST
by a suitable visual language – but to find a personal and
good-vibe orientated Match for them and the CLIENT.

As much as we love to manage our talented Creative Roster,
we’re also passionate to take on Photo Productions, Cost Estimation,
Budget Management, Location Scouting and a wide range of additional
Services required to create a unique and personalized
outcome for each CLIENT.


Artist Management
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