What’s wrong with Allas.se?
Emilia Karlsson

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  • What’s wrong with Allas.se?
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Aller Media is market leaders in popular press in Sweden with magazines such as ELLE, Residence, MåBra, Hänt, Svensk Dam etc. Aller Media Group has now transitioned all their sub-brands to an additional online experience.

The digital edition Allas.se came in 2019 with content from several other brands within the Aller Media group as a joint digital experience. But the Allas-team started to notice a pattern of their visitors quickly leaving the website without finishing the articles. As other sub-brands within Aller Meda group grew stronger in the digital space, Allas kept losing visitors which indicates that something about their user experience is unsatisfactory and they wanted o find out why in order to address this issue.

What’s wrong with Allas.se?
Aller Media

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