Reel 2015
Terlina Lie

  • Reel 2015
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This is a montage of some projects I worked on during the last few years between Germany, Spain and Australia.
I’ve worked as Character designer/ Illustrator, Motion Designer, Animator to Clean-Up Artist.

In order of appearance:
00:01 Stills
00:12 Sony Pal (Ink Project, Australia)
00:15 Sydney Italian Wine and Food Festival (Ink Project, Australia)
00:19 Playdoo (Self-promotional)
00:22 Ohk! (Ink Project, Australia)
00:24 Moskovskaya (Optix Berlin, Germany)
00:29 Sony Pal (Ink Project, Australia)
00:37 Indonesia (Self-promotional)
00:41 Hello Optix (Optix Hamburg, Germany)
00:42 Hello July (Self-promotional)
00:45 Merry Xmas (Optix Berlin, Germany)
00:52 Fish Issues (Self-promotional)
00:54 An olive branch (Optix Hamburg, Germany)
00:58 Up is down (Self-promotional)
01:01 The Ring Thing (Optix Berlin, Germany)
01:09 Nutella Appendix (Optix Hamburg, Germany)
01:11 Ecombres (Fake Studio, Spain)
01:16 Hello July (Self-promotional)
01:20 Playdoo (Self-promotional)
01:24 Purple Mangosteen doodle (Self-promotional)
01:25 Der Schlangenflüsterer (Self-promotional)
01:26 Zbrush Sketch (Self-promotional)
01:27 Hello Optix (Optix Hamburg, Germany)

Music: Holy Teeth – Lungs

Thanks for watching! I’m available for freelance work worldwide.

Reel 2015

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