Wir entschlüsseln Nutzerverhalten und entwickeln visionäre Erlebnisse



Über 11mrd

We are all about creating meaningful products. We believe that this can only be achieved with trusting partners and curious collaborators. We do not see ourselves as engineers or a design buero, we are not a technology company — but we are researches and explorers who want to discover true needs and fulfill them with upright design. We use an iterative and lean approach to develop products together with our partners. Our approach is simple but can be exhausting, it is straight-forward but it can wind down like a mountain pass.

Beautiful solutions are never easy — and we are not in there for the quick win. Our sense of touch and our haptic relationship with objects is complex, implicit and subjective. Experimenting and trying is the only reliable way. Building, testing and learning is how we became humans and that’s how we want to create valuable experiences and products for us.


Wir entschlüsseln Nutzerverhalten und entwickeln visionäre Erlebnisse
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D-20249 Hamburg
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06.06.2018 (aktualisiert )

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