Irene Botta
Set designer, Architectural design,

Irene Botta

Über Irene Botta

  • I am an Italian architect from Genoa and I’m currently

living in Berlin, I began studying architecture at “Scuola Politecnica
di Genova”, earning a master degree in 2014. During my university career I spent one year in Lisbon, thanks to the Erasmus project and I spent also six month in Berlin thanks to the Erasmus Placement, where I got a very good internship at „Hybrid Space Lab“ office.
I also gained experience in the architectural profession, with
internships and collaborations.
I’m passionate with graphic design and I worked in this field as well.
Now I want to enrich myself with a new working and life experience,
to cultivate my skills and my passions.
I’m a very curious person and I love to learn to each other, know new people and culture. Travell is very important in my life and also cultivate my hobbies like visiting museum and exihibition, phography, arts, music, ballet, drowing, food and many others..


Set designer, Architectural design,
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