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Über Ivan Prado

He studied Biology and Graphic Design.
His influence on the Arts and the Cartoon are: Caravaggio, da Vinci, Malaga Grenet and Sebastian Krüger.
Peru has worked for various newspapers and magazines, making several Major Exhibition at art gallery of their Country.
Since 2002 lives and works in Germany in the beautiful port of Rostock.
About his Art of Caricature, Ivan says:.

“it is an opinion of the human face from the point of view of a third eye: the eye of the caricaturist. When I make a cartoon-picture, my intention is to emphasize the character by means of forms that become great or small, light and shade, gestures, joints. Everything combined is a simultaneously abstract surrealista architecture and undresses that all alive being has: a cartoon. Work with different materials: paper and linen cloth. I use the pencil, the charcoal, the watercolor, the acrylic and I swell and Digital Medium.
I’ve never had the intention to mock and laugh at my cartoons, but for some it’s funny to see them.”


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