Jester Blank GbR
We collaborate with cultural institutions and support with applied digital and analog strategies

Jester Blank GbR

Über Jester Blank GbR

Studio Jester Blank develops and implements digital strategies for cultural institutions like Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, the Humboldt Forum, Google Arts & Culture or museum4punkt0, among others.

We constantly strive to expand our knowledge in the fields of tech, storytelling and social aspects, in order to stay up to date and improve on our concepts and ideas.

Besides strategizing, our key expertise also lies with the technical side of 3D-digitization. We do our own 3D post and work with the collected data, until we are sure the results are as good as they can possibly be.

We digitize objects ranging from the very small to the very large, from elegant and simple, to twisted and complex.

We also love to digitize spaces, with or without artwork inside. Like Museums, galleries, old and new buildings and provide fully immersive virtual exhibition tours.

Our digital twins are crafted with care, come with an extremely high resolution, can be used for marketing, scientific, archival purposes and are AR, VR, Video & Web ready.

You’ll be able to generate all marketing imagery, from your digital twin, without the need to move or touch your objects at all.

Alongside 3D-digitization we offer high-resolution photographic services, like cultural campaigns, interior & exterior architectural documentary, and professional archival photography, as well as photographic post-production and retouching.

A bit about us – Jester Blank was founded in 2017 by Philipp Jester and Jens Blank who combined their expertise in advertising, art direction, strategy, photography and 3D production which they collected over the last decade.

We’re based in Berlin, but are happy to travel, since moving us, is probably easier, than moving the exhibits we work with.


We collaborate with cultural institutions and support with applied digital and analog strategies
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