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Über Juan Fernández Gebauer

Filmmaker and actor, Juan Fernández Gebauer studied Film Direction at ENERC. He directed five short films screened in several national and international festivals. such as the Condor de Plata, the Film Festival of Sao Paulo, the Korea Jecheon Film Festival and the Certamen Internacional de Cortometrajes de Soria.
His last short film“El dorado de Ford” won the Historias Breves prize and is being exhibited at various festivals around the world.
His first feature film „Hijos nuestros“, co-directed with Nicolás Suarez had its premiere in 2015 at the International Festival of Mar del Plata, where it won the best editing and the best movie from a Larinamerican director award. In Espinho and Malaga the film won a mention for the best movie. Hijos Nuestros also participated in Bafici, Toulouse, Cinefoot (Brazil), Montevideo, Piriapolis and San Juan of Puerto Rico among others.
His documentary film, Chaco, co-directed with Nacho Ragone, had its argentine premiere in 2017 at Bafici and the international one at the Oaxaca Film Festival, where it won the prize for the best Powerdoc. It won prizes at festivals in Rome, Jujuy, Bariloche and at 3 Margems in Brazil. Currently the documentary is participating in other festivals while it’s shown among the native communities as a material for disseminating the indigenous right’s fight. Chaco also serves as testimony in the Inter-American Court of Justice in the trials for the Namqom case.

Juan works as a freelance Director and Cameraman in advertising and Tv.


Regisseur, Kameraman, Editor
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