Julia Steinberg
Animator & 2D/3D Generalist

Julia Steinberg

Über Julia Steinberg

Hi, I’m Julia a Film & Game Artist, based in Berlin, Germany. I’ve graduated at Games Academy in „Film Art & Animation“ in 2014. Since then I finished and directed divers commercial projects in teams as well as independently.

Acting in the Game industry, I worked in different fields like 3D/2D animation, 3D character modeling, rigging, character design, illustration and concept art.

As a videogame and film enthusiast I focused my studies on the creation of characters and movement for animation.
If you have any questions, like to work with me on a project, have a commission or a job offer feel free to contact me and get in touch.


Animator & 2D/3D Generalist
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E-Mail Juje.steinberg@gmail.com
Web juliasteinberg.jimdo.com
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