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Matte Painting, Game Graphics & Concept Art Studio

Matte Painting Studio

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MPG provides great conceptual ideas and final artwork for entertainment and creative industries since 2009.

We focus on environment, creature and digital asset design for film & gaming and fit any pipeline – of any size.

The MPG network is a global network of more than 400 excellent partners skilled in nearly every style of digital arts – especially in matte painting, concept art & game design.

MPG artists work remotely for our clients, so we are fast, flexible and cost-efficient.

Our multilingual producers are experienced in working with major studios and are familiar with your professional needs, our art directors talk your lingo, our matte painters and concept artists are highly skilled and ready for your project of an size, budget and genre.

We are sticklers for details, fast and of good production value.

We save you money and downtimes for research for the right artist and style your are looking for.

’Cause we already know them by heart.


Matte Painting, Game Graphics & Concept Art Studio
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