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Film and video cutter with fifteen years of experience in the fields of documentary, fiction, advertising and music video editing. In order to master a broad array of editing challenges effortlessly, I am actively and constantly researching new technologies and have thus gained an in-depth knowledge of all kinds of cutting-edge media software and hardware equipment. Since 2009 I also started doing Color Grading and Motion Graphics Design to compliment my editing skills and provide a wider Post Production service.

I also like collecting vintage cameras to use in my work and art and mix together analog and digital technologies. Past meets Present meets Future. Videoart and VJing are also part of my professional agenda as a constant need for self expression. I have built a broad and solid career on three continents and have worked, exhibited and performed in China, Panama, Cuba and Germany, among other countries. Team-player or solo, I got used to work under pressure without sacrificing creativity and originality. Aesthetics and visual beauty are as important to me as the content or the message that needs to be delivered. Balance is the key.


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