Leo Legorreta
Art Director and Graphic Designer

Leo Legorreta

Über Leo Legorreta

I have a degree in Graphic Design (Bachelor in Mexico City in 1995) and more than 24 years of work experience as freelance as well as at renamed corporations (e.g. VW, GM, CocaCola), foundations, agencies, publishing houses, universities, small businesses and the non-profit sector in Mexico, New York and Europe.

I am happy to support with single design elements or with a whole campaign (from a banner or flyer to the corporate design or campaign pieces).

Taking basic ideas and developing them into feasible design concepts for effective visual communications in different media across web, mobile and print is what I do. I create, conceptualize, drive projects and design for publicity, education, information and other purposes for a variety of industries.

I have extensive experience in the printing business through deep knowledge in the pre-press process as well as in the coordination of the print production process, machines and materials (offset and digital).

I offer working:

  • according to the client’s inspiration, ideas and requirements,
  • with short timelines and a list of tasks in which all are due at this very moment,
  • with high diligence,
  • a clear mind to find a solution to the tasks under my responsibility,
  • independently in collaboration with decision makers, team members, Marketing and IT Departments, external partners, and clients,
  • with flexibility to adjust to the moment.

Applying my English speaking skills suits me very much. I have a German B1 certificate and Spanish is my first language.

If you look for support for your projects at your corporation, agency, small business, startup, etc. I am very happy to be part of your solution.

Ich freue mich auf Sie!


Art Director and Graphic Designer
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