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Studio Adén

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We are a Berlin based design studio passionate about creating smart design and remarkable ideas for brands, museums, institutions and startups. We are experts in the fields of strategy, innovation, and outstanding crafted design. Combining brain and heart in each part of the creative process, we believe that strong concepts, distinct stories and clear design systems are fundamental for a successful reach to new audiences and growth of business. Our approach is holistic, collaborating with other design and communication experts to deliver interdisciplinary concepts. The result is, that our clients’ brands are able to convey strong stories and a unique and engaging voice on multiple platforms.

Studio Adén was founded in 2010 by Hanna Adén, a Swedish-born and trained creative director. We take on projects independently and involve a network and team of people with different backgrounds and expertise. Together we work multidisciplinary and share the same passion for creating great ideas, strategies, innovations and change-making designs. We are project managers, strategists, designers, architects, copywriters and digital developers.


Creative Director & Founder / Design & Brand Allrounder
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