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Creative Coder / Creative Developer / Visual Designer / media art / Interactive Art / Data Visualization



Über Luna Nane

Hi, my name is Luna Nane. I am a creative developer, visual designer and media artist based in Berlin. For me, a creative and scientific approach and good communication is key.

Since 2012 I have been working freelance for different artists and agencies around the globe, realizing some of the worlds most regarded interactive artworks and exhibition spaces.

The most notable and inspirational clients are Refik Anadol Studio, Analog Native, Science Communication Lab, Adobe, Ars Electronica Solutions and Meso Digital Interiors.

Next to working freelance I finished my masters in Interface Cultures at the Art University Linz in 2016. Since then I am living and working in Berlin.
I do love my work and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to dive into this unique field where art, science and technology merge. Every exhibition had innovative character and often was never done before, requiring creative ways of solving it.

On the way I developed a unique skill set involving a strong sense for aesthetics for immersive spaces, design thinking and expert knowledge in real-time computer graphics, interface development, physical computing, data-visualization, procedural generation, interactive audio and the combination of all these things to create excelent interactive exhibition pieces.

In my own artworks I am interested in making complex social and environmental issues accessible to the human senses. Often I work with large data-sets and shape its content into an data-sculpture or an interactive installation. Finding beauty in complexity is something that spans througout all my works.


Creative Coder / Creative Developer / Visual Designer / media art / Interactive Art / Data Visualization
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