Mégane Khemici
Product & Graphic Designer



Über Mégane Khemici

Passionate about design across borders, I have worked in many countries with people from different professions. Artisans, engineers, designers… I learned from each of my collaborations and experiences in order to solve problems and enhance our daily life.

I am a qualified designer graduated from two Master’s Degree in Product and Graphic Design at the Strasbourg Université, in France, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Design at the ESAA La Martinière Diderot, in Lyon (FR).

As a very sociable and dynamic person, I like to develop good relationships with my clients, especially for long term contracts. I think that honesty is essential in order to move forward effectively in a good mood. I know how to lead a project respecting expectations and deadlines and I always involve my clients in the creative process to create the most successful projects for them.

I am hoping to work with you soon!


Product & Graphic Designer
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