Max Draeger
Mountain Sports, Event and Travel Photographer



Über Max Draeger

My name is Max Draeger, I am a professional mountains sports, outdoor and travel photographer based near Munich and spending big parts of my life in Tyrol, Austria.

As an outdoor enthusiast, most of my work is taking place outside in my favourite playground – the mountains. No matter, if climbing, trailrunning, mountainbiking, skiing or mountaineering, my goal is to keep up with the athletes in front of the camera and create images that inspire the spectator to seek for his own adventure, to go and explore!

  • Social Media work
  • Sport Events
  • Destinations
  • Coverage of expeditions and atheltes projects
  • Commercial photography
  • Editorial work

Let’s get in touch! Send me a message to make your vision become reality!


Mountain Sports, Event and Travel Photographer
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