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Art Direction, User Experience Design & Co-Gründer von The Geekettez

Miss Moss

Über Miss Moss

My name is Jennifer Moss and I am a freelance art director for digital media & a user experience designer based in Germany, working with clients from all over the globe. I help my clients create digital communication strategies, design information architecture as well as user experiences, create visual design concepts & scalable, responsive GUI.

Growing up my dream jobs were „Simpsons couch gag designer“ and later „movie title sequence designer“: creating short, entertaining summaries of a larger story. And even though I studied film I ended up in the digital world. Today I concentrate on user centered design, helping clients get their stories across in digital media while providing a story that is not only comprehensible but also pleasurable for „the user“.

I have spoken about workflow, the liberal power of the internet and various UX subjects at events such as TED Ignite, World Usability Day and Webmondays. Articles of mine have been featured in Page Magazine and weave (R.I.P) so in 2015 I decided to take my writing to the web and started blogging about lessons I have learned as a freelancer, business tipps and other insights from my work-life in the digital world.

In 2011 I teamed up with guerillagirl and we founded The Geekettez a user experience consultancy and design studio. Together we create user interfaces based on conceptual, strategic and analytical thinking and do so as a pair-design team. Today The Geekettez are based in Mannheim an Berlin.

If I am not reading comics or watching Sci-Fi movies I can be found on the roller derby track with my team the Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads. A league that I helped found in 2014.


Art Direction, User Experience Design & Co-Gründer von The Geekettez
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