NavVis GmbH
Indoor Digitalisierung und Navigation

  • Gründung 2013
  • Mitarbeiter 100—199
  • Impressum

Über NavVis GmbH

NavVis was founded in 2013 to bridge the gap between outdoor and indoor digital maps. As a spin-off of the Technical University of Munich, our computer vision based indoor positioning technology is based on years of academic research.

Today, we continue to push the frontiers of digital mapping. Our revolutionary digital indoor products are being used by the world’s leading automotive, construction, real estate, logistics and insurance companies. We have over 30 partners worldwide using our technology to take indoors digital.

We currently employ over 130 people at our headquarters in Munich. In October 2016, we opened our first international office in New York.


Indoor Digitalisierung und Navigation
Anschrift NavVis GmbH

D-80636 München
Ansprechpartner Sabrina Rau
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