Nuria Ortuño Hernández
Illustrator, creative, graphic designer

Nuria Ortuño Hernández


Über Nuria Ortuño Hernández

I have a degree in Fine Arts in Spain, specializing in drawing and painting, although I have worked all branches of art such as photography, graphic design and audiovisual media, among others. In the same period when I graduated I also got the title of Senior Technical Illustration. Last year I worked as Graphic Designer and 3D Animation. I use professionally Adobe Suite Programmes: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Flash. Mostly I work as a freelancer.
I am a very creative person, with high capacity for organization and used to working in teams. I am interested in different topics and try to adapt the style of my drawings looking for different answers depending on the custom graphics required.


Illustrator, creative, graphic designer
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