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I’m multi-disciplinary designer from Russia, holding a M.A. in Enviromental Design from Saint Petersburg State Academy of Applied Arts and Design and a B.A. in Applied Arts from Chelyabinsk Art College.

To Germany I came from China, where I spent last 4 year, right after the graduation from University. In China I used to work as Art Director of two Art schools, where I had several responsibilities e.g. enrollment, teaching plan, staff management, teaching, school’s decorations and exhibitions. My education gave me a chance to try myself in a variety of different disciplines: such as painting, drawing, composition, sculpturing, 3d modeling, planning and exhibiting. The combination of them all, is what I’m looking for in work.
As a highly motivated person, passionate for Arts, with patience for details, I’m capable to work in team and by my own, and I would enjoy working for Design Agency or Creative Studio.

I have good communication skills in English, Russian, German, elementary level of Chinese and could be a good help with international clients.

I have German Residence permit, and do not need a visa.


Design & Illustrations
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