MFA Leo Zhao
Senior Brand/Graphic/Motion designer and Art Director

MFA Leo Zhao

Über MFA Leo Zhao

I am an Art Director/Graphic Designer from Los Angeles with 10+ years of experience in traditional advertising, new media, gaming, and film/television, currently living in Berlin.

I have worked for clients big and small, in a wide variety of media, as both designer and director of small to medium sized teams. I have created successful national and international campaigns in a variety of industries including entertainment, fashion, and technology. Some of my past clients include Visa, Toyota, HBO, MTV, Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Sony Playstation, Facebook, RedBull, Pepsi, and Dr. Martens. I also have extensive in-house experience with major Ad agencies like Chiat Day, Deutsch, BBDO, Kastner, etc.

I work well under pressure, have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and am equally proficient with details-oriented hands-on execution as well as“big ideas”“out of the box” thinking.

Combining a passion for typography, sophisticated sense of visual dynamics, conceptual ingenuity, my main focus is building and evolving brands, conveying its core message, and connecting with audiences using any means necessary.
With a degree in Fine Arts, a multifaceted and active interest in contemporary culture, and experiences as journalist and performing artist, I am comfortable in creative studios, on-set locations, as well as conference rooms for client interfacing.
After freelancing for a few years, at this point in my career, i want to once again join the right team to realizing next level excellence in visual communication.


Senior Brand/Graphic/Motion designer and Art Director
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