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Über Pretty Mannox Limited

PrettyMannox is a design studio nestled in the bosom of London’s creative heartland, East London. Our pleasure is working with enterprises that recognise the potency of creative brands and branding, be they documentary production companies, celebrated Savile Row tailors, or acclaimed Footwear brands. We exist to understand, help define and communicate our clients’ brands imaginatively and effectively. Developing engaging concepts is integral to our philosophy. Providing innovative print or online solutions is what we do well. We were born to do this.

As an active design studio and consultancy Pretty Mannox provides a selection of branding and design services. Depending on the various needs of the clients we supply everything from full-serviced branding projects with ongoing design support and consultation to innovative graphic designs and illustrations and assorted print and digital solutions.

Because we are a small dedicated company, we can afford to work within your budget constraints, maintain quality and deliver a valued outcome. We beat larger agencies not just on cost, but also on the attention and expertise we offer. We work closely with all our clients, offering them a tailored and flexible service suitable for their need.


Brand Consultancy & Design Studio
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