Raphael Ziegler
Motion Design, Kommunikationsdesign, Webdesign, 3D-Artist

Raphael Ziegler

Über Raphael Ziegler

My name is Raphael Ziegler aka Rolf Messmer, which is my Vj alter ego. I am an all-in-one designer born and raised in Augsburg, Germany. Currently I have two home bases in Augsburg and Leipzig.

I began studying communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg in 2014, from which I graduated in 2018. In this period I studied one year at the Mimar Sinan University at Istanbul where I gained more multidisciplinary skills in different departments.

My passion is typography, nevertheless in the last year I specialized in 3D-Animation, still trying to improve myself and applying my knowledge to all kinds of design, be it classic branding, packaging design, Vjing or graphic design.

If you have a serious or fun project don’t hesitate to write me. Always ready to dig deep.


Motion Design, Kommunikationsdesign, Webdesign, 3D-Artist
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