Roy Castrillo
Visual Designer & Photographer


Über Roy Castrillo

At the age of 13 I bought my first analogue camera, a Nikon N80. By then, digital photography was already a thing, yet developing my own films and enlargements seemed more appealing. This stage helped me realise how much I enjoyed the spontaneity of mechanical processes and I started valuing not only photography, but all sorts of graphic expressions. Suddenly I found myself analysing what others did not: the typographic selection for a book cover, the color scheme for a music album or the chosen composition for a giant billboard.

My obsession did not stop there. More than form, I was intrigued by content and frequently asked myself ‚why.‘ Interpreting messages of my everyday life and decoding new languages was an exercise I truly enjoyed, so I later became a visual designer. For +5 years, I’ve worked with creative directors and on freelance basis, thus feel very comfortable with team-dynamics and others that demand proactivity and self-confidence.

Among mainstream promises like punctuality, organisation and leadership, I can guarantee to design the way I cook my lasagna: with love and care. And since I’m a big fan of passionfruits, I’m committed to to squeezing them until we get the last bit of inspiration out.


Visual Designer & Photographer
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