Native English speakers with Experience in ESL Teaching


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Greetings and thanks for reading and responding if you fit the bill,

We are a Berlin/NYC language learning & design group. We create products & services for learning English via ALL mediums.

We are recruiting people for a few months project, with the potential for steady part-time or full-time work.

In order to apply for this work and get a response from us (you may not, so sorry in advance), please make sure you meet the following requirements:

1. You must speak English as your native (1st) language and have attended school in an English speaking country, up through high school, and preferably through university.

2. You have had at least 3 years full-time or 5 years part-time experience teaching English as a Second Language.

3. ESL materials development/writing a plus. Send us a sample of any syllabus or materials you’ve designed and taught with specifically with respect to teaching idioms, expression, and slang are concerned.

4. You should love and know English as a language (really, not just say it – we’ll know after 5 minutes) love word play, and love knowing word and expression roots (semantics & etymologies, etc).

Additional non-required but preferred qualifications:

1. Knowledge of what type of learning is most effective for different age groups.

2. Having taught English as a second language to speakers of Romance, Indo-European, and Asian languages.

3. Having taught English using precorded materials and mixed media such as audio, video, etc.

4. Knowledge of why certain learning methods work better than others.

You do not have to be kick-ass at grammar, syntax, etc. You need to be a lover of words and phrases, slang and idioms, expressions and sayings ad nauseum…

You need to be able to explain & teach to non-native speakers of English what a phrase/expression means in a short, concise way (in writing), create a simple mnemonic (learning – memory bridge) in text or image for that expression, idiom, slang, etc. Fast.

Then you need to be able to love knowing, finding or inventing the root/origin of the expression, and explaining/teaching that, in writing, in 15 words or less.


If you can say yes to all these questions, please get in touch with us as soon as possible. If you are sure you are this person with these skills, love this and want to do this kind of work, send us a cover letter & CV, a recco or two, and we’ll be in touch if we think you are the right one for this gig.

Pay: 15 euro/hour to start with the possibility of going up to €25 or more if you are efficient and commensurate with experience & abilities. First, you will be interviewed, given a small exercise to show us you’re the right stuff, and a few examples to work on at home and show us even more of your magic. If you are chosen (and you choose us), this work continues for the next few months. Pauses/blackout dates of up to 1 week per month are OK, but no more, please. You can work at our office and need to at least 1/2 the time, as well as from your home/cafe/wherever you wish.


1. Send us your CV & contact email/phone here in Berlin ASAP
2. Once we review your CV, we will set up an interview in the next 48 hours via email
3. We may call you to pre-interview/clarify any questions we have from your CV (and you can ask us what ever you may wish to know too of course)
4. We will be holding public interviews THIS SUNDAY, 26 February IN KREUZBERG from 3-5pm by pre-scheduling after we have your resume & send you an invite & time.

Many thanks! Res Ipsa Loquitorum


Native English speakers with Experience in ESL Teaching
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