Spark 44 GmbH
Spark44 is a global full-service organization

Spark 44 GmbH
  • Gründung 2011
  • Mitarbeiter 50—99
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Über Spark 44 GmbH

Spark44 is a global full-service marketing communications organization, and a joint venture with Jaguar Land Rover. With 18 offices in 16 countries, and just over 1,000 associates, we are responsible for all to ensure that all their communications are tailored to customers at every step of the journey – in short making brand experiences seamless. Our purpose is to spark the extraordinary – basically by ensuring we always stay curious. We never stop questioning. We believe in Big Lean Thinking – which manifests itself in an approach of ruthless creative efficiency worldwide.


Spark44 is a global full-service organization
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D-60322 Frankfurt
Ansprechpartner Luisa Dasbach
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