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Wagner GmbH & Co. KG Sport Signage

Über Wagner GmbH & Co. KG Sport Signage

We deliver the highest quality branding and advertising in
sport. Working closely with many organisations across the globe, we are set up to deliver largescale projects in a very fast-paced environment.

We do much more than just signage. Within our group of companies we are able to take projects from start to finish. Using our in-house Designers, we can create content and mock-up ideas, as well as produce final concepts.

Followed by production engineering and transportation of our equipment and your product to almost anywhere in the world,safely and quickly. This allows us to use the best materials and people possible, without worrying about logistics. It also means we are able to work to tight deadlines and react to changes much more easily.

We have unique ideas
We have a team of talented people, developing new and innovative ideas.

We design and create them
Our in house team of international designers can bring a concept from sketch through to reality in various different languages, and are available to assist on-site or remotely.

We build and produce it all
We can produce and build on-site, all over the world, and even run events and productions when required.

We have a team of highly skilled experts, such as Installers, Painters, Technicians, Engineers, Camera Operators and much more waiting to fulfil any type of project that comes our way. We can also bring a printer on site to react to unpredictable situations.


Digital Branding im Sport
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