Stefan Prica
screen design, grafik design, corporate identity, layout, typography


Über Stefan Prica

I am a graphic designer with over 5 years of experience of screen design and classic graphic design (corporate identity, layout concepts & execution, typography, bellow the line projects and advertising campaigns). Being from Bucharest, Romania, in a formative environment for the communication industry, I got to be involved in almost every area of projects of graphic design and advertising. It all started as a big passion for everything visual and sooner converging into a self-taught, big achieving graphic designer.

What sets me apart is my ability to understand a project – the constraints, quirks and opportunities – and from these, create solutions for my clients that are unique and ambitious yet with two feet planted in function and practicality. I have a great appeal for everything visual.
My main strengths are: clear & clean style, corporate identity concepts & execution, all printed materials, attention to detail, form & function, careful & consistent typography choices.


screen design, grafik design, corporate identity, layout, typography
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