Stefan Simak
Multi-disciplined Senior Creative, UX Designer and Photographer


Über Stefan Simak

I’m Stefan, a multi-disciplined Senior Creative, UX Designer and Photographer with almost a decade worth of experience, especially in the outdoor and sports industry, that allows me to understand users emotional needs, and to create strong and engaging experiences. From street to sport, screen design to identity creation, concepts to final execution, I have a proven track record of creating content and products that resonate with the culture.
Born in Mainz, Germany but raised by snowboarding, biking, arts & culture, multiple projects have taken me from mountain summits in the Pacific Northwest to beaches with penguins and townships in the most southern part of Africa and a lot of places in between.
My unique way of viewing the world has helped to create impactful and strong narratives for various lifestyle brands and athletes but also for scientists and their ambitions to make the world a better place.
I like to tell stories through design, film and photography because I love going new places, meeting new people and giving them a voice. I also do it, because I like creating visual experiences, thinking about tasteful ways to set up a shot and to understand what’s behind peoples behavior.
I’m currently fired up to work with companies and people, who fight to protect the world and it’s nature, but I also have a soft spot for people doing their thing and creating impact in general. ’m always excited to collaborate with other passionate folks – so hit me up.


Multi-disciplined Senior Creative, UX Designer and Photographer
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