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Estefanía Canale

Über Estefanía Canale

Estefania Canale, Editor and producer, is based in Berlin, Germany since September 2014, making her way in the audiovisual media environment. She has gained considerable experience as an editor and project manager and has cooperated in the production of commercial videos for the Argentine and Mexican market. Open minded to innovation, to the incorporation of new technologies and especially rigorous in her work, she is also a perfectionist about the aesthetic outcome.

Estefania ventured in her native country into the careers of Social Communication (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) and Audiovisual Communication (Superior School of Cinema „Metro“) in Argentina. Due to her multiple stays and working activities in different countries of Europe (Germany, Italy and Spain), and also of Latin America (Argentina and Mexico), she acquired considerable life and professional experiences, enriching and expanding her cultural horizon. It began in the area of audiovisual production in Berlin (2001), where she worked as a production assistant on the film „Staatsgeheimnis“. She also joined in the city of Córdoba, Argentina the production teams of several television programmes (USTED, Extreme Time, Epa, etc) that were commercially oriented to different topics (fashion, music and extreme sports).

In the field of advertising, she worked in the production of short films for important brands, both in Argentina and Mexico. In that country, she carried out for about four years, the organization of multiple events as director of production for the production company Cinescopio Films from Guadalajara (Mexico). She has been a member of the Organizing Committee of the II Meeting of Filmmakers in Sonora (Mexico), and in 2010 she was selected to participate in the second edition of the „Talent Campus“ of the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

Programs: Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut, Da Vinci, After Effects


Video Editor / Producer
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