Stephane Lelarge Fotografie
Fotograf und Bildredakteur – Berlin

Stephane Lelarge Fotografie


Über Stephane Lelarge Fotografie

Stephane Lelarge was born in St Denis, France – a social hotspot on the suburb of Paris. In 2007, after years using an analog camera, he bought his first digital camera and moved to Norway in order to start his career as photographer. 2008, he became the head photo editor of a Norwegian newspaper. 2010, he moved to Germany to start his documentary photography studies that he finished in 2013 at the Ostkreuzschule, school for photography in Berlin. 2016 he became photo editor for AFP (Agence France Presse) and he actually works for numerous photo agencies and clients (Bundestag, Amnesty International, IFA, ITB…)
His work has been widely exhibited and internationally published in numerous publications, both printed and online.
He currently works and lives between Paris and Berlin.


Fotograf und Bildredakteur – Berlin
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