Fuel to Roll – a short Skateboard movie
Stephan Fröhlich

  • Fuel to Roll – a short Skateboard movie
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In winter, when the weather is really bad, it’s always a pleasure to have a local skatehall.
My friends Hendrik Kaczmarek, Marius Kolkmeyer and Fabian Semrau, which were working with me for „Fuel to Roll“, are in luck of having the Skatehall-OS in Osnabrück.
So in this short movie, you can see how a normal „Skate-Day“ in winter looks like for this three guys.

Shot on RED Epic and Sony FS700 with Canon L lenses.

Thanks to Johannes Suntrup, Mathias Gaumann and Timm Gillner fpr supporting me.

For more information about the project, you can read a full interview with me in the Monster Skateboard Magazine: skateboardmsm.mpora.de/tv/stephan-froehlich-fuel-to-roll.html

Thanks for the support!


Disclosure – You and me (Flume Remix) (itunes.apple.com/de/artist/disclosure/id520848228)

Fuel to Roll – a short Skateboard movie

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