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Stocard GmbH
  • Gründung 2011
  • Mitarbeiter 50—99

Über Stocard GmbH

Over 60 million users make Stocard one of the leading mobile wallets in the world and one of the preferred shopping companions from couch to counter. Our innovative and easy-to-use app allows millions of users to turn their smartphone into a mobile wallet and brands to connect with customers to drive them to stores. With passion and by using cutting-edge technologies, Stocard aims to make daily shopping experience easy, engaging and rewarding all over the world. To retailers, our app delivers a high frequency digital loyalty platform, reaching their target audience at the right time and place. State-of-the-art analytics quantify the impact of their mobile advertising efforts in terms of store traffic and in-store sales.

Stocard has been listed as one of the best apps of the year by Apple and selected as one of the few Google Play“Top Developers” and“Editors’ Choice” apps. Our specialists, a team of marketers, engineers, designers and data scientists are working from 7 locations – Mannheim (HQ Global), Sydney, Paris, Rotterdam, London, Toronto and Milan – and our diverse and international team is growing further with the vision of a global mobile wallet.

Stocard is looking for smart, talented and creative people, who share our vision, live and breathe mobile technology and want to be an active part of our journey!


Your Mobile Wallet
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