Tania Abanina
web / UI / UX designer & photographer


Über Tania Abanina

I’m a web designer and front end developer currently located in Berlin, Germany.

I make user-friendly, light and eye-catching design and write clean, cross-browser compatible code with HTML, CSS and JavaScript (jQuery). I prefer to design in the browser and skip this step: delivering licked clean mockup in psd.

I have few things I definitely believe in: love, move and education :-) So, I would love to participate in projects related with education, culture, art, music and moving our asses around the world.

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Apart of that I really enjoy shooting photos and video. Photography and me are good friends since 1996. I love to shoot with analog cameras. Make documentation, work with space and people. Mostly I work as a interior and travel photographer.


web / UI / UX designer & photographer
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