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Über Chris Hanson

I am a visual designer originally from Los Angeles now living in Berlin Germany. My design path started when I studied design and art at the California Institute of the Arts. It eventually took me into the apparel industry where I have learned and grown with many talented design teams from Los Angeles to New York.

I have worked with Gap, Vans, Converse, Nike, Victoria’s Secret, OshKosh and many others clients. After years working in the apparel industry I felt less challenged by the “two dimensional” design aspect and began to move into 3D design. My design aesthetic emphasizes color, attitude and a little fun. I think my style is best summed up as digital art with a graphic edge.

My tools are Wacom, Illustrator CS, Photoshop CS, Cinema 4D and Vray.


Digital Artist/ Image Maker
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Hamburg 07.11.2012
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Amsterdam (Niederlande) 16.08.2012
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Bildbearbeiter / Retoucher
Köln 12.07.2012

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