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Torge Bergmann

Über Torge Bergmann

I am a multidisciplinary designer with a focus on User Experience Design. During my varied professional journey from starting as an Assistant to become a Creative Director later, I accumulated skills in the creation and organization of delightful moments to sell consumer goods, the building of brands and of channelling individuals’ talents. I conceptualized, executed and lead multiple international projects with diverse teams and developed thoughts into campaigns, and ideas into customer experiences. I offer an eye for detail and mind for the big picture. Lately, out of motivation and willingness to grow as well on a personal and professional level, I shifted the perspective. I paid all my attention towards User Experience Design to use my abilities and foster new ones to make healthcare an inclusive, enjoyable and sustainable experience.

If you ask me what I most like to do:
Inclusive Design
Design Thinking
User Research
User Flows
User Testing
Visual Design
Collaborative teamwork
Exploring new tools to craft design
Reducing bad experiences

I am open for full-time opportunities in the sector of healthcare and related fields in Berlin, its surrounding area and remotely.

Also, feel free to contact me for collaborating in non-profit projects.

Thank you.


User Experience Designer
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