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We are looking for a new creative head to share our shop-atelier Studio Hertzberg on Sonnenallee with. We work together on 130qm in 5 different rooms and we have a shop area where we all sell our products, clothes, jewellery and art together.

We share the shop shifts, that means everyone takes over 2−3 shifts a month and every week we have a meeting to figure out issues. We share tasks and everything works smoothly :)

The rent is 264,70€ all included per person, includes cleaning, insurance, internet, a fully equipped shop, Cardreader for payment—just everything you need. (Also furnished, if you want to)
All you are selling is yours!

If you have a nice product, that you want to sell and also work here with us, you are very welcome!

Objektort Sonnenallee 174, 12059 Berlin
frei ab 16.09.2018

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