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Want to sell bike online in India but there are many portal present in India for buying and selling two wheeler in India.
But few of them are good. The top 5 portal are Droom, Bikedekho, BikeJinni, Bikewale, Zigwheeles. But by knowing this you will amaze that BikeJinni is growing very fastly because of its user friendly UI etc. You can list your bike for sell in just 3 mins and get buyer.
One advantage of this portal is that if you want to buy second hand bikes in cities then there are many bikes and scooters are present according to cities also. There are more than 600 cities present on this portal.
Steps to list you bike for sell online –
1. Open sell bike page.
2. Fill sell bike information
3. Fill sell bike price details
4. Fill sell bike specification
5. Upload your used bike image
and done after moderation in few minutes you can sell your sell bike listing online on used bikes page
you can also buy used bikes according to cities.

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