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Aus – bitte beziehe dich in deiner Bewerbung auf dasauge®. is now hiring 3D artists (interior/exterior). We are a studio concentrating on architecture visualization, located in the heart of Berlin. We offer a professional, creative working environment, real nice colleagues and one of Berlin’s nicest roof terraces. We are not „one of those agencies“: we love keeping it real. If you love building outstanding images and don’t care for the ubiquitous agency yapp yapp, then keep reading :)

If you already have worked in visualization, know how to build emotional images, have a feeling for light and materials, know how to read floor plans, if you are sound in box- and polygon modeling, if you are organized and enjoy working in a team, then keep reading :)

If you handle Cinema, Max, Vray, Corona and the Adobe Suite like a monkey handles coconuts, keep reading :)

If you also know a bit about Marvelous Designer, ZBrush, digital photography, 3D animation, matchmoving and tracking, Mocha, Syntheyes, photogrammetry and Unreal,


If you want to be invited, please don’t forget to attach a CV and some references.
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Einsatzort 10555 Berlin
Arbeitsbeginn 01.04.2017
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Ansprechpartner Jan Jürgensen
19.01.2018 (aktualisiert )

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