Director of Production/Studio Production Director (f/m/div)
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Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

In the Director of Production role we are looking for a seasoned Producer (f/m/div), who is able to guide a number of projects to stay on time and quality, working in close collaboration with team-bound producers, and the individual Game Directors as main responsible persons for the project financially.

The DOP will adapt their efforts to the individual needs of the teams, collaborate with them including especially individual education of the team-bound producers and report directly to C-Level Management.


  • You are a seasoned Producer (f/m/div), who shares responsibility for a game project with the game specific Game Directors (=overall responsible for a project during the full development cycle) during the phase of production
  • You are able to guide a number of team-bound Producers and to actively help their teams by

1. Defining and upholding the most fitting production processes and methods to each project to reach the expected deadlines and quality marks
2. Establishing a productive and positive work-environment with a focus on people and communication
3. Keeping a firm eye on the end goal, both time and quality-wise

  • For Management, you

1. Assess the situation of projects and teams on a regular basis
2. Help establishing and evolving the Studio culture

  • For HR, you are a valuable source of input for the career evolution of producing and development staff and help to determine how to fill future positions keeping in mind our strategic product portfolio
  • You also support and coach Game Directors and Product Managers in choices of technology and services for their projects
  • Together with Game Directors you will decide recruitment matters and monitor Core team and key profile performance
  • You bring synergies between our Munich, Cologne and Hamburg studios to life
  • You will be reporting directly to C-Level Management


  • This is a Producer+ role, so you should have beaten the game on“hard” mode several times already:

1. You own your tech stack, can adapt to existing systems and keep it fresh with new developments
2. With that you have shipped several projects already in the sphere of massively multiplayer online gaming, ideally in persistent worlds
3. You have excellent organizational and planning skills as well as working with deadlines and budgets and with a strong understanding of KPIs and financials
4. part of a team and independently

  • On top of regular producing skills, you have been leading multiple teams of various sizes disciplinarily. Ideally you have worked in central role before, with responsibility of multiple game teams simultaneously
  • You speak Developer, Management, and English. Good German language skills are a plus

You as a person

  • Your job and your calling are people that build games
  • Communication is your superpower. You communicate clearly. You stay level-headed in stressful situations because people will be looking to you for guidance
  • Your XP will enable you to stand your ground between team needs, Game Director aspirations and company interests
  • You know how to get what the project needs from individuals, while walking the line between discipline and creating a feeling of purpose and belonging
  • You are able to spot problems on the horizon, raise them early, clearly and offer options
  • You care about culture in all teams and help create an environment where people can thrive, be successful and feel valued
  • You are trustworthy, genuine, and aim to be the glue that keeps a project together
  • Ultimately you can tell how quality in a product feels like and can get teams behind you in your desire to achieve it before dinner is served
Qualifikation Berufserfahrung, leitend
Arbeitszeit Vollzeit
Einsatzort 80807 München, Bayern (Homeoffice möglich)
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Travian Games GmbH

Ansprechpartner Carola Knerr
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21.01.2022 (aktualisiert )

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