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We’re currently in the ramp-up phase of a Virtual Influencer project and just commissioned a studio to create two photorealistic digital humans (male and female) for us. For each character the agency is going to provide us with a Maya-Masterfile which will include the fully rigged character, including controllers for the body and face armatures and a control board for adjusting the facial blendshapes. The character will be realistically textured/shaded in Arnold and the scene will be setup with HDRI lighting and a default floor shadow catcher for backplate matching. With this setup we need to create content pieces for Instagram distribution where the character is being integrated into real footage backplate images, comparable to these examples:

However, instead of a face swap on a stand-in model we’re most probably going to go for a full 3d body approach like in the following example (just more realistic):

For each image that needs to be created we’re going to provide a pose reference image with a stand-in, a backplate and an HDRI environment map for image-based lighting, all taken on location. We’re therefore looking for artists that can support us on a regular basis with the following tasks:

  • Body and face posing of the character according to reference images provided by the creative director
  • Character alignment to backplate image and light matching with provided HDRI (and optional extra lighting if necessary)
  • If necessary, partially scene reconstruction for shadow catcher creation (iPhone 12 Lidar scans of needed objects can be provided as references)
  • Rendering with Arnold
  • Compositing / Post-processing to convincingly integrate rendered character into backplate and create the final look of the image

Optional / case depended:

  • Adjusting the hair grooming for different scenarios (e.g., like making it look wilder when getting up in the morning)
  • Foreground masking of the backplate image
  • Skinning/conforming of provided 3D mesh outfits to character and attaching accessories >> this point is still to be defined as we’re currently also looking into other solutions for the cloth topic
  • We’re going to focus on still frame creation first but might also explore animations, mocap retargeting, etc. later down the line

As for the timing, we should have the characters available by Mid-May and would then start the regular content creation for June immediately. If this project sounds interesting to you, please contact me via, if possible already send me a link to your portfolio and/or some work examples related to the tasks mentioned above and then I’m happy to give you more information on the project a kick-off call. In this case, please let me know, what would be a good time for you to have the call?

As a heads-up for you: in case we come to a collaboration agreement this would fall under our standardized company freelance contract. This would also include full buy-out regulations for your work results. So please keep this in mind in case you’re interested to work with us.

Thanks a lot and kind regards.


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