Flame/Nuke Artist
Studio Julian Charriere

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

Looking for Flame Artist to work on Video Art Film

About the project:

Burnt to Shine (Working Titel) throws time itself into flux by presenting the visitor with a dizzying multimedia installation of imploding fireworks. It explores the temporal dissonance caused by geological human interference on Earth by inviting the viewer into an psychedelic aerial landscape teeming with life and uncanny motion.
Navigating the ominous feeling that humanity has cast itself on an inevitable course of planetary depletion by way of industry and terraforming, the implosions are interspersed with subliminal imagery of vegetal and insectoid reversal and metamorphosis. It meditates on both the regenerative transformative power of burning, as well as on the disruptive effects artificial light has on plant and animal liveliness. Yet the destabilizing and at times alarming vista of Burnt to Shine remains hopeful, casting a shining light on the enduring continuity of life on Earth.

Your key responsibilities:

We are looking for a Flame Artist who can support us for a period of four weeks, starting at the end of July, in the realization of“Burn To Shine”. The main focus is to create seamless transitions between filmed footage and to clean up the shots. Determine the best possible techniques and creative approaches in collaboration with the editor and director.

Achieve simple to complex compositing tasks including 2D tracking, keying, 2D effects, extractions and time remapping.

Your experience and skills:

  • Minimum 3 years of job experience in a VFX role
  • Excellent knowledge of Flame (or Nuke)
  • An eye for image compositions, including knowledge of color, light (reflection, refraction, shadows), perspective and composition
  • Enthusiastic with a creative mindset
  • Diligent and rigorous with strong attention to details
  • Comfortable in a changing environment and under pressure
  • Interested in Art and immersive installations

If you have time in the given period, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Qualifikation Berufserfahrung
Arbeitszeit Vollzeit
Einsatzort 12103 Berlin (Homeoffice möglich)

Ansprechpartner Johannes Förster
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