WE Make Time Travel Real, XR-Praktikum, Berlin

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

UE4, ENVIRONMENT DESIGNER, CHARACTER DESIGNER, GAME PROGRAMMER with experience in AR Kit and AR core or experienced in creating Textures with SUBSTANCE or ENVIRONMENT DESIGNER and curious about time travel in VR then you’re right.

We are TIMETRAVEL.BERLIN. A bunch of Designers, Gamedevelopers and Historians.

BERLIN1928 becomes the virtual reality simulation of Berlin in the 1920s. A complete virtual reconstruction of Berlin during the interwar period. This 3D city model is made accessible by various applications and filled with stories from the time with life. We‘ll start with the castle.

Take a virtual time travel with us! Send us your portfolio and application to jobs@1928.berlin. More about the project can be found here: 1928.berlin

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Einsatzort 10435 Berlin
Arbeitsbeginn 01.11.2019
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