freelancer Editor (Videoschnitt / Cutterin) Polina Efremova

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit


I have been a freelance video editor, videographer and photographer for the past 5 years. I started with working on personal projects in the genre of reportage and music videos and then in 2015−2018 I was filming and editing video event recaps, mood videos and internal corporate videos for clients like Daimler; Oxford Leadership; Global Citizen; Saloodo!; Laureus.

I can edit in the following applications: Final Cut; Premiere Pro, DaVinci.
I am also developing my grading skills in DaVinci Resolve and animation skills in After Effects.

I have my own 4k set-up with Sony a7S + Shogun Atomos.


Polina Efremova

Qualifikation Autodidakt
Einsatzort 10178 Berlin

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