Videographer Angelika Petzold

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

I am interested to collaborate with you for the work project. I am trained as a visual communication artist from the university udkBerlin and Cofa Sydney. I worked for the Jewellers fair in Sydney as a photographer, I hosted the academy workshop series with international artists called women at work in Berlin, that I also documented. I did camera jobs within the university, i was exhibited as a documentary photographer in CO Berlin Amerikahaus, where I was booked afterwards for more than 5 years.
I won awards in the communication design sector for the extraordinary point of view I was giving to the work.

Qualifikation Hochschul-Abschluss
Arbeitszeit Vollzeit
Einsatzort 08223 Falkenstein, Sachsen (Homeoffice möglich)
Arbeitsbeginn 13.12.2019
Angelika Petzold

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