Frontend Developer – Angular, React, Vue.js, Flutter Michael Jachmann

Beschreibung der Tätigkeit

I am a software engineer and consultant with more than 23 years of working experience
in the digital field.

I am currently working on an ML project for a BASF start-up in the spectroscopic field side by side with data scientists. In our team, I am one of the experienced developers who is jointly responsible for the development. At the same time, it’s important to me to support the junior developers and enable them to get fully involved in the project.

I love to use a mix of proven libraries, frameworks and technologies to ensure good stability in development, but don’t shy away from new approaches.

I have a lot of experience in frontend development and architecture, but have never forgotten to look at development as a whole. My experience in frontend development includes all popular frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue, as well as various testing frameworks.

Relevant experience:

Front-end Developer, Consultant / TrinamiX (BASF)
2023 – 2024 / Near-infrared spectroscopy platform (ML)

  • Developed a ML based platform for industrial use.
  • Tech stack: Angular, TypeScript, Node.js, Micro services

Frontend Developer, Consultant / Elkjop, El Giganten
2019 – 2022 / E-Commerce Platform

  • Devekoped and optimized components for a large-scale e-commerce platform using Angular and Apollo.

Frontend Developer, Consultant / Immowelt Group
2017 – 2019 / ImmoSolve – Real Estate CRM

  • Developed components for a rental platform based on Angular and Vue.js

Frontend Developer, Consultant / Volkswagen
2016 – 2017 / Car-Net App

  • Volkswagen’s Car-Net App

Frontend Developer, Consultant / Zalando
2015 / Marketing Templates

Frontend Developer, Consultant / BMW M
2015 / BMW Individual App

Frontend Developer, Consultant / ProSiebenSat.1
2012 – 2015 /

Frontend Developer, Consultant / ebay International
2013 /

Frontend Developer, Consultant / Unilever
2012 / AXE Final Edition Micropage

Flash Developer, Consultant / David Lynch
2012 / Interview Project

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Einsatzort 22767 Hamburg
13.10.2022 (aktualisiert )

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